Why You Should Start Learning Web Development

Learn to develop websites for yourself instead of hiring web developers to create one for you.

Last Update: May 14, 2021

Have you ever thought about learning how to develop websites?, surely you did. Personally I think it's best if everyone is able to develop websites, or at least learn to. You don't really have to be a programmer/developer to know how to build a website from scratch.

Developing websites is not that difficult as developing a software, all you need to do, is to build your structure, and decorate it. So here pops the question, "where to start in order to be able to develop websites?", that's a good question, before I answer that, let me share with you all how I learned to develop websites and be able to develop this website "Parallel Ninja". My story starts like this: here's me, a naive guy who don't want anything to do with developing websites, why was that? well I won't lie, I was not interested in developing websites as I saw it as a path that's below my standard. Then "what changed", what changed is that, here comes "Mr Villain Covid-19", Mr Covid-19 has hit the world, safety precautions like lock-down has been implemented and I am stuck, like literally stuck, I have nothing to do, no job, no nothing.

How I got myself into this web development world, happened mysteriously, here's what happened, my brother wanted to open an online store, he did open it, though was not happy with the website he got from the e-commerce company. I said to myself, let me build him a website, a store that will please him, but wait a minute, "I don't know anything about developing websites, let alone the fact that I don't want anything to do with developing them, where do I start?", well I knew that I had to make YouTube my best friend.

There was this channel that the guy was so good from YouTube, I watched his couple of videos about developing an e-commerce website, using PHP, HTML & CSS and MySQL. Those videos were so good, but they did not meet the criteria of a perfect e-commerce store I wanted to build. What happened is that I stopped watching those videos, then I started to create the so called "perfect store", from scratch using the knowledge I had acquired from the guy's YouTube videos. I won't lie, it was a disaster, I spend about a month creating a website navigation, but well I was so thrilled when I finished that navigation, I felt like I have just finished creating a big project. Truth to be told, I never finished that e-commerce website, unforeseen circumstances happened and I quit continuing with that website. To cut the story short, I have learned developing websites through a model called "learn by doing". Then best practice is to learn by building other than that you will waste your time, because you will take a tutorial after a tutorial and you would never start building an actual project.

So going back to that question, "where to start?", I would recommend you a site like w3schools. The reason I chose w3schools is that it offers you tutorials of building a website from a navigation to a footer of course with source code.

Make sure to first learn HTML as it is a language of building websites. Never forget that HTML & CSS are cousins, they must never be separated because a website with only HTML, would look like a skeleton with no beautiful decorations. So basic languages for you to learn first are HTML & CSS.

Note that there are several websites out there besides w3schools that teach web development, so it's not necessary for you to stick with w3schools. Bare in mind that programming is totally different to other career paths, so you need to practice what you learn more often, put what's on your mind on your computer.

Surely I haven't answered the main question of this post "Why you should learn web development". As we all know, technology is advancing, new technological revolutions comes to sight and some careers becomes slim. So learning web development may be advantageous to you if one day you decide to jump ship and build a career in technology.

I know that web industry might be overcrowded but surely the cake isn't finished yet, meaning that there should be space in the industry. Say this, your neighbor opens a business and might need a website, then that's where you fit in, you build one for your neighbor and make some income. That website might market you around the city that you are a web developer and starts receiving orders as a freelancer, at that time you will be working at your own time.

So learning web development would be beneficial for you, in the future if your company starts retrenching people because technology would be put in place, doing a human work, at an effective rate. But hey it's up to you, whether you learn to build websites or hire developers to do that for you. Choice is yours.


Mr Parallel